​HERE NOW                                In Post - Starring Amy Brenneman

HAPPYSADHAPPY                    Winner of Best Short - Connect FF 2016
THE ADIRONDACKS                 Web Series               10 episodes

BEYOND THE BREAK               Teen Nick                    8 episodes
BEYOND BELIEF                       FOX                          30 episodes              
LIZZIE MCGUIRE                       Disney Channel
THE JERSEY                              Disney Channel

SHE'S NO ANGEL                      Lifetime Television     MOVIE
WITCHCRAFT III                        SyFy Channel            MOVIE
PICKET FENCES                       CBS
SISTERS                                     NBC                           6 episodes
THECOMMISH                            ABC                           6 episodes        
SILK STALKINGS                       FOX                            3 episodes        


WUNDERKIND                           AFI Independent Filmmaker Grant

GIUSTINA                                   PBS, HBO - Winner NY FF Best Short

TRUE CONFESSIONS               FOX                            6 episodes  


FAIR FIGHT                                Double Nickel Entertainment - Optioned
THE UNDERNEATH                   Maria Bello / Amy Redford - Optioned
F-STOP FITZGERALD               Dean Devlin / Electric Ent - Optioned

LEDBETTER                              Cinelou Films - Optioned

LOVE NOTES                             Lifetime Television Movie

RECIPE 4 A PERFECT XMAS   Lifetime Television Movie

SMOTHERED                             Freeform - purchased script
SHE’S NO ANGEL                      Lifetime Television Movie  

THE LAST FLANAGAN              TNT Web Series  
REBOUND                                 TNT Web Series    
PRANKY GIRLS                         Mattel Web Series
SMOTHERED                            Jodie Foster - Optioned
2B MAXWELL                            Ridley Scott - Optioned
MAJORITY RULES                    Jon Avnet - Optioned

Joey Plager - Studio Exec

“Love Notes” - Lifetime Television

"RACHEL FELDMAN is an incredibly facile artist with an ability to write in a variety of genres. She does so with great heart and emotion, crafts authentic dialogue, collaborates tremendously well with creative executives, all while standing up for the integrity of ideas she creates. I can't wait to find the next opportunity to work with her!"

Sean McNamara - Exec Producer

"Beyond The Break" - TeenNick

“RACHEL FELDMAN is an exemplary director. “Beyond the Break” was a series shot entirely on location in Hawaii at an incredibly fast speed. Rachel’s episodes came in on time and budget and were the very best we produced. She is great with actors, action and visuals and she knows how to bridge the gap between creative and business.  She gets my highest recommendation both personally and professionally.”

Noel Zanitsch - Producer 

 “She’s NoAngel” - Lifetime Television

“ I've produced a lot of movies and can honestly say that collaborating with director RACHEL FELDMAN was among the best experiences of my career.  Rachel is super production-savvy, ultra-prepared and makes her day without drama. She's incredible with actors, has a brilliant sense of blocking, a skilled eye for beautiful shots and keeps a crew happy. In short, she's the rare director who is efficient, artistic and fun.  I will work with her every chance I get! ”