2017 has gotten off to a great start!  

FAIR FIGHT, the feature film I co-wrote about the remarkable Fair Pay activist Lilly Ledbetter, will be produced by Jenette Kahn and Adam Richman's Double Nickel Entertainment.  Read the DEADLINE article.   ​I was honored to have been chosen as the recipient of the New York Women In Film & Television Ravenal Grant in support of directing FAIR FIGHT and The script is an Athena List winner - the Black List for screenplays featuring female protagonists. You can watch the sizzle reel here.

My pilot KINKS was selected as a WGA Writer's Access Project winner!  Read the VARIETY article. The script also won The WGA Drama Queens Award for best spec pilot.

I also just completed HERE NOW, a short film I wrote and directed starring Amy Brenneman, shot by the American Society of Cinematography's 2017 Honoree Nancy Schreiber.  Festivals have been entered.  Please contact me or my reps if you'd like to see it.