As a professional director in Hollywood who happens to be female, I've learned about gender disparity the hard way.  My activism takes many forms:

  • @womencallaction is where I tweet about gender equity for women directors in Hollywood.  
  • I recently chaired the Women's Steering Committee of the DGA where I produced the 2013 DGA Women Of Action Summit, the first gender-forward political action event in the guild's eighty year history.

  • I was part of the group of directors who brought our issues to the attention of the EEOC and ACLU, instigating their current industry-wide investigation.
  • I'm active in leadership positions in numerous organizations that agitate for gender equity behind the camera, and mentor many women directors.

  • I'm a frequent contributor to industry trades regarding women and Hollywood.  Here are a few of the ​articles I've written about the subject.

​Above - Directing Jane Sanders 5/2017

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